about me


You know how you have this idea in your head but you just can't manage to get it out in a way that others can envision it? That's where I come in. As a graphic designer, I take a concept and create a visual that others can grasp.

After earning my BFA in graphic and interactive design from Tyler School of Art, I obtained full-time employment in Philadelphia for a steady 2 years, and I am currently settled in Lancaster county, open to freelance opportunities. While I started out dedicated to print design, I have found a love for digital design as well. After years of customer service jobs, I'm really good at working not only behind the scenes but also face-to-face with clients. Whether you want a minor touch-up, an extreme makeover, or something completely fresh and new, I'm up for the challenge. My portfolio shows an insight into my range of ability as well as who I am as a designer. Feel free to check out my work, my resume, and contact me with any inquiries or feedback.